What Memorial Day Means To Me by Tammy McCord

Memorial Day has a more deeper meaning for me personally. I do associate family cookouts, my mom's awesome bbq ribs & the official start of summer with this holiday. However, I also associate personal freedom as well. When thinking back on the true representation of Memorial Day, it's a day set aside in remembrance of those U.S. soldiers who died while in military service, the ritual beginning after the civil war.

If it hadn't been for these service men & women fighting in these wars, I personally would not have the freedoms I do today as a bi-racial person. My parents would not have been able to talk to each other, let alone marry. I probably wouldn't even exist.

I wouldn't have had the opportunity to go to college, graduate school, and now currently be the co-owner of a business. I would not be able to associate with any of my white friends.

I would be a slave, or be kept apart from society in a different world saved for "my kind of people". I think you get the picture.

Thank you to the many generations before me & those now who feel/felt it strong enough in their heart to fight for something they couldn't necessarily see but believed in. If you have lost a loved one who served in the military, my heart and prayers go out to you. Thank you for your service and sacrifice too.

Written by: Tamara McCord, MA, LMHC, LCAC

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