The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

Fall Book Recommendations- The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeanette Walls This is one of my all-time favorite books as well!  This book is all about resiliency.  I love how Jeanette is so frank about her dysfunctional upbringing in poverty, yet does not write with an ounce of self-pity.

Jeanette grew up the second of four children.  Her father is mentally ill and an alcoholic, her mother is a free-spirit who doesn’t want the responsibility of raising children.  The family moves many, many times growing up due to their father’s alcoholism, financial instability, and some “business” deals that appear to go bad.

There are a lot of family secrets in Jeanette’s family, including addiction, abuse, shame, and mental illness.  As Jeanette and her siblings get older, they are often hungry and living in deplorable conditions.  Jeanette and her older sister Lori devise a plan to escape from the dysfunction and move to New York.

It takes some time, but they achieve their goal.  Jeanette’s younger siblings eventually move to New York, as well as her parents.  Jeanette’s parents choose to remain homeless on the streets of NYC, while the three oldest children maintain stable jobs, housing, and food.  Jeanette eventually becomes a reporter for MSNBC.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for an insightful, reflective read.  It definitely is inspirational!

Happy reading  :)

Written by: Christy Fogg, MSW, LCSW

Christy Fogg, MSW, LCSW is a licensed therapist at Imagine Hope Counseling Group.  Christy enjoys doing marriage counseling, individual counseling, couples and relationship counseling.  Christy also provides family counseling, child counseling, and adolescent counseling.

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