How Do I Know if I’m Stressed? Part 3

Stress has an effect on everyone, but not everyone finds the same events stressful.  Yesterday Tammy mentioned a few areas where stress creeps up.  It is important to realize what triggers stress in your life.  Here are some more common stressors and suggestions on how to avoid them.


  • The first step to avoid finacial stress is to get organized!  Make a list of your income and expenses, weekly and monthly.
  • Write it out by hand or make a fancy chart!  Keep it simple and easy to access.
  • Set and keep a realistic budget.  Use your list to make sure your income is covering all of your expenses plus incidentals you cannot plan for.
  • Watch your credit card use!  Credit cards can be seductive and can lead to overspending and more stress.
  • If your financial distress is beyond what you feel comfortable handeling, ask for help.  Consult with a financial or debt management officer.


  • Clutter can cause stress at home and at work.  Having piles of folders and papers can make it seem like you have chaos at your desk.  Organize your work area regularly.
  • If you have a conflict with a coworker or boss, address your concerns with them ASAP.  Do not let it linger.
  • Listen music or audiobooks that make you feel relaxed for your commute to and from work.  Singing to your favorite songs promotes deep breathing and relaxation.
  • Use your lunch break to incorporate some physical activity into your day.  Excersise is a great way to destress and provide a break in your day.  Take a 30 minute walk or run before you eat.

Kids and Teens

  • Have family meetings and make sure to include the children in family decisions.  Children need to know they are a part of a team and have a stake in the family.
  • Talk to your children about stress with your children.  Let them know that there are various kinds of stress and how to recognize theirs in school and relationships.
  • Provide healthy snacks and oppotunities for excersie for the whole family
  • Make time for creative activities of their choosing.
  • PLAY with your children!!!  Its benneficial for both you and your children.


  • Get organized!  Make lists in order of priority.
  • Shop early!  Shop throughout the year to take avantage of sales and aleiviate the pressure of the end of the year rush.
  • Shop on line or via catalogue to save time, travel, and to avoid crowds and post office lines!
  • Delegate task!  Reach out to your resources and ask for help.
  • Reward yourself after the holidays for a job well done with a relaxing movie or dinner.

We have talked about ways to avoid stress, but not all stress is avoidable.  Stay tuned as Natalie and Joleen address coping skills and helpful exercises in stress reduction.

Written by guest blogger, Alexa Griffith, LMHC, LCAC, NCC, RPT

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