Understanding Asperger Syndrome Part 3

Understanding Asperger Syndrome Part 3

This week we have been discussing issues that are common with people who have Aspergers' syndrome.  One of the most common characteristics of these individuals is that when interacting with other people, they can take what is being said literally. Those with Aspberger syndrome struggle with social skills because of how they interact and interpret meaning to what is being said.

Understanding Asperger Syndrome Part 2

Understanding Asperger Syndrome Part 2

Yesterday Christy did a great job introducing us to the sensory issues people with Asperger's have a tendency to struggle with. Noise, smell, touch, taste - you name it - can be more intense and more offensive for someone with Asperger's than what it may be for those of us who do not struggle with this syndrome. It's more than just having a dislike for something. It's feeling attacked by it. Which leads us to another aspect of Asperger's Syndrome:

Fight-or-Flight Urges

Spring Book Recommendations: "Simplify."

When the sun starts shining again and the air starts getting warm, there's nothing like sitting outside and reading a good book. That's why we like to give Spring book recommendations. This year, I read a really great book that challenged me that I wanted to share. 

Simplify. Ten Practices to Unclutter your Soul. By Bill Hybels

I have been working really hard this year to unclutter my house. I never really thought of uncluttering my mind or soul. This book addresses many areas of our lives that we "clutter" creating chaos, frustration, and ultimately exhausted, unfulfilled lives. Hybels breaks it down into 10 chapters that deal with issues that clutter our lives such as overscheduling ourselves,  lack of focus, isolation (when you are surrounded by people), lack of rest, and not feeling satisfied just to name a few. 

Hybels is a pastor of Willowcreak Community Church in Chicago. Who would have more clutter in their lives than a pastor of a megachurch? Using his own examples of burnout, he helps us see the importance of taking care of ourselves, having boundaries, and using more positive, effective ways to schedule our lives. He does this in such a humble, down to earth way, with no judgement at all. 

As I uncluttered my home this year, I liked thinking about ways I could unclutter my mind and soul as well. I'm now living out some of the peace that is offered when we do the hard work of uncluttering. Thank you, Pastor Hybels, for your guidance and practical ways I have found to unclutter! 

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