Tips for Positive Parenting Part 4

This week we have been discussing positive ways to parent your children. We have talked about boundaries, positive reinforcement, natural consequences, following through, and withdrawing from conflict. Here are three more positive ways!

6. Separate the behavior from the child. Make sure your child knows you love them no matter what they do.  It is good to say, "That is not good behavior" vs. "You are a bad boy". Kids personalize such comments and feel they are bad rather than their behavior.

7. Make sure discipline builds self-esteem rather than humiliates or embarrasses them. Carry out discipline that teaches them so they can learn from their mistakes.

8. Allow negative feelings in your child: for example sadness, frustration, disappointment. This helps them learn to cope with uncomfortable feelings.  Teach them appropriate expressions of emotions and model this for them as well.

Tomorrow Joleen will give our final 3 tips. Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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