Spring Book Recommendations Natalie

Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow  Do you worry or have anxiety? This book is a wonderful, practical book. Linda was a missionary in Europe and Asia. She had many scary experiences that caused a lot of fear in her. Her story is very interesting and shows how you can truly have contentment and joy in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. I love how she isn't shaming to those of us who struggle with anxiety yet she is convicting as she offers scripture to back up what we need to do with it. She creates a wonderful balance of disclosure about herself, sharing what worked and didn't, and offering practical guidance to help. It's like reading a biography (because it's interesting) but it is helpful. For those who want to go deeper she offers a 12 week Bible Study guide.

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand 

This is an AMAZING biography of Louie Zamperini. He was in trouble as a kid, became an Olympic runner to cope, and then an army hero. He was captured by the Japanese army in World War II. I literally did not know one person could withstand and live through the amount of torture he did. What I love about him is his faith in God and how he used his thoughts to control staying alive. God had a plan for him and his stubborn persistence, will to live, and positive thinking kept him going through an amazing journey. It's also about forgiveness. Since this book, when I am struggling with forgiveness I often think to myself, "If Louie can forgive what he went through, I can forgive this." He's truly a hero and inspiration for me. I'm not a big biography reader but I could not put this book down. As I read it, I literally felt like I was in the story. I was sad when it was over because it was so good.

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