Ways to Be a Better Listener- Don't Interrrupt

I love this week’s topic—it’s something that we all can improve on!  So far we have discussed asking questions and watching your body language as ways to improve being a better listener.  Today I’ll talk about a pet peeve many people have:

Don’t Interrupt

It seems simple, yet so many people struggle with interrupting others while they are talking.  I don’t like when I am talking and someone else takes over the conversation.   It can definitely feel disrespectful and rude!

Interrupting is more than just annoying—it can lead to big communication problems.  When you constantly interrupt someone, you are not being a good active listener.  Listening builds trust.  If you don’t listen, you may come across as arrogant, that it’s “all about me”, or that you don’t care about what the other person is saying.  We all just want to be heard!

Allow others to finish their thoughts before commenting.  Sometimes it’s helpful to paraphrase what they just said to let them know that you heard them (and to make sure you completely understand what they are said.)  Make sure they are completely done with a thought before you jump in—remember to show courtesy and manners!

Keep reading this week as we talk about more tips to being a better listener.

Guest post written by Christy Fogg, MSW, LCSW is a licensed therapist at Journey To Joy Counseling.