Showing Signs of Adult Attention Deficit? Part 4

Difficulty identifying, expressing, or dealing with feelings

Adults who struggle with ADD/ADHD often struggle with handling negative emotions. Particularly if they are mad or feeling a lot of frustration. It can cause a lot of anxiety for them, often coming out as an angry outburst. Many times under that frustration lies feelings that they aren't aware of that can lead to challenging behaviors. Here are some common emotional struggles you may see with ADD.

~They may feel very stressed out

~Not feeling motivation (because tasks take too long or are boring usually)

~Over reactions to feedback (or criticism) ~Struggling to feel achievement because things feel so challenging to them

~Irritation (or fluctuating moods)

~Blowing up ~Insecurity

~Not feeling positive about him/herself

This isn't an exhaustive list by any means but these are the most common ones that professionals see with people who struggle with ADD.

Feeling hyper or restless

This is very easy to see in kids. However, with adults, the symptoms manifest differently. They usually aren't as noticeable because they are more on the inside versus outside behaviors that are easily seen.

~Mind is always "moving" and thinking

~They have more of a willingness to take risks (at work, with relationships, or with their safety)       This can be dangerous because they also crave excitement because they are bored easily.

~Agitated on the inside (can feel like anxiety but it's more restlessness on the inside)

~Major multi-tasker, often leading to not getting anything accomplished

The two symptoms that are seen on the outside are:

~Always playing with something or need to move around

~Excessive talking or interrupting others.

Again, not an exhaustive list but somewhere to start nonetheless.

As mentioned previously, if you experience a lot of these symptoms or identify with this blog, please see a professional to be formerly diagnosed. This isn't a "diagnosis", just some things to look at to see if it's worth looking into.

Tomorrow Joleen will share more symptoms. Thank you for reading!

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