Showing Signs of Adult Attention Deficit? Part 1

Have you or anyone you know said, "I'm so A.D.D."! Our culture uses this term to describe being scatterbrained, forgetful, and distracted. As many know, ADD (Attention Deficit disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder) are recognized issues for some kids. But it also can have a big impact on many adults. Adult ADD is real- not just something we say to blame on our forgetfulness.

That is why this week Imagine Hope wants to clear up any confusion about what Adult ADD/ ADHD is and how it can impact adult's daily lives.

How can I know if I have ADD/ ADHD?

If you have concerns, you need to speak to a professional. ADD and ADHD can only be diagnosed through a clinical evaluation by a professional.

What are my options if I am diagnosed?

Having ADD or ADHD does not always mean you will end up on medication. In many cases, there is a need to re-balance the brain with a medication, but a professional can also help you look at other options. Sometimes diet, exercise, changing sleep routines, and time management systems can be enough to help ease the symptoms. Make sure you get guidance from a professional to see what would be the best treatment for your case. Everyone's case is different.

How does ADD/ ADHD impact my life?

You might not realize that some issues in your life could be due to ADD/ ADHD. Many people have trouble with work, relationship issues, financial problems, and even feelings of depression and anxiety. The impacts of ADD/ ADHD can be wide spread in a person's life.

Keep reading tomorrow as we dig into specific signs and symptoms of Adult ADD/ ADHD. Remember if you relate to anything we discuss this week, check in with a professional for an evaluation and to look at options that will be best for your case!

Written by guest blogger Teri Claassen MSW, LCSW, LCAC

Teri Claassen MSW, LCSW, LCAC is a licensed therapist at Renewed Horizon Counseling. Teri does virtual therapy for residents of Indiana and Florida using videoconferencing technology. Teri enjoys doing marriage counseling, individual counseling, couples and relationship counseling. Teri also does family counseling and adolescent counseling. You can find Teri at