Benefits of Loving the Agape Way 3

As you've been reading this week, I hope you are able to identify ways you can love your partner unconditionally. As we've mentioned, it can be challenging but very rewarding as your relationship grows and develops into the way God intended relationships to be. Unconditional Love Removes Defensiveness

Often couples that do not love unconditionally will attack each other rather than talk about issues. Attacking your partner puts them in a place to feel they need to defend themselves. In sessions, we will see partner A attack partner B. Partner B then feels defensive and feels justified to cut down Partner A, starting the whole process over again. Think about your last fight. Did this cycle happen to you? This is how so many fights just keep going, leaving nothing productive to come out of it. Defensiveness only breeds unsafe feelings which builds walls between couples.

In an unconditional relationship, both partners are able to speak what they need to say and are able to feel heard, regardless of what they are saying to each other. It's safe, open, and vulnerable. Respect is given to each other. Conflict isn't always resolved necessarily, but it is talked about, dealt with, and at least brought to a compromise of some sorts.

I hope you are able to experience unconditional love in your relationship. It makes all the difference in the world!

Tomorrow Joleen will share more about unconditional love. Thank you for stopping by.

Source: Love Life For Every Married Couple by Ed Wheat and Gloria Okes

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