Preventing Burnout- Warning signs and symptoms

This week we have been talking about burnout. It's important to know the difference between stress and burnout (discussed Tuesday) as well as the causes (Wednesday). Today we want to focus on signs and symptoms of burnout. Signs and Symptoms of Burnout

Emotional Signs

~Feeling hopeless and that nothing can change ~Losing motivation ~Lower satisfaction in things once enjoyed ~More negative attitude ~Self-doubt where you usually feel confident ~Feeling like a failure ~Feeling like you are alone (even when people are around)

Physical signs

~Being exhausted, despite how much sleep you get ~Loss or increase in appetite or sleep ~Getting sick a lot ~Headaches, muscle issues, back pain

Behavioral signs

~Not taking care of normal responsibilities ~Using food, drugs, alcohol etc to deal with your burnout ~Easily angered and taking it out on others ~ Missing work or coming in late ~Taking longer to complete tasks due to procrastination or low energy or lack of focus ~Isolating yourself

These signs and symptoms are very close to those of depression. However, burnout is different in that it is caused by doing too much at work, home, or in general. But it is equally important to get help if you try to change your habits and that doesn't work. You could be experiencing more depression.

Tomorrow Joleen will help us find ways to prevent burnout. We can look forward to that. Thank you for reading and have a great week!

Source: “Preventing Burnout”

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