More Than Gratitude - 4

When I was in Graduate School I struggled with depression. Mostly because my life was out of balance due to working, going to school, and doing internships. I read something that changed my life. It talked about keeping a gratitude journal. I started writing down 5 things a day I was grateful for. Now it is just a habit to think in a grateful way, which has changed how I think and feel every day. That's why I love this week’s blog where we are sharing unconventional things to be grateful for.  

Access to Education

My kids do the normal moaning and groaning about going to school. However, recently I traveled to India where I saw kids who did not have access to school due to their social class or economic situation. I felt so sad for them. Many of them want to go to school and they see it as a privilege- only for the lucky ones. I shared this with my kids and now they actually try (aside from the Monday morning moaning) to be grateful for their education.


Clean Water

Do you know what the leading cause of death is in the world? Diarrhea.  And it stems from illnesses related to lack of clean water. In America, we are so fortunate to turn on the faucet and have clean water to drink, cook with, and clean ourselves. This is something to be thankful for.


The Very Breath We Breathe and Breathing It On Our Own

Two and a half years ago my niece was in a coma and on life support. As I sat by her bed and watched the ventilator breathe for her, I thought about how we take for granted every breath we breathe and the fact that we are able to do it on our own. This is truly something to be grateful for. And I'm grateful my niece made it okay and is living life to the fullest today!


What can you be grateful for today? Tomorrow Joleen will share more things to be grateful for.


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