Let Go & Let In 3

Today we continue to talk about the negative things that we need to let go of in our lives and the positive things we need to let into our lives-just thinking about these two put a smile on my face! 5. Let In Laughter

Are you going through life being too serious?  Is everything in your life “business” and something you “just need to get through”?  It’s time to lighten up and have a good laugh!

Laughter truly is the best medicine!  If you find your life void of laughter and fun, there is a very good chance you are depressed, withdrawn, and just existing.  It’s ok to have fun and let your guard down.  If you are serious all of the time, you will miss out on so much.  God gave us a sense of humor for a reason!  Let go of all the seriousness and just laugh-it will lighten your mood and improve your attitude-and life won’t feel like such a chore.

6. Let In Joy

What brings you joy?  If you have a hard time answering this, you need to think long and hard about your life and priorities.  We all deserve to feel love and joy in our lives-it’s what helps us get through the really difficult times.  Think about what makes you smile, and let it into your life.

If there are things or people in your life that are stealing your joy, it may be time to make some changes.  Maybe it’s time for a job change, or time to start setting boundaries with a toxic family member or friend.  It’s not always easy, but it is worth it.

Find joy in the little things.  Your children learning something new.  No line at Starbucks this morning.  Your spouse texting you just to say “I love you”.  A positive compliment from your boss.  Joy really comes to us in many different ways throughout our days-we just need to make sure we let it in.

Continue to read this week as we talk more about letting go of negatives and letting in the positives.  Have a great day!

*Adapted from “You Are Worthy of Receiving: 10 Things To Let Into Your Life” by Kathy Kruger


Written by Christy Fogg, MSW, LCSW

Christy Fogg, MSW, LCSW is a licensed therapist at Imagine Hope Counseling Group.  Christy enjoys doing marriage counseling, individual counseling, couples and relationship counseling.  Christy also provides family counseling, child counseling, and adolescent counseling.

Imagine Hope serves the Indianapolis area, including the surrounding areas of Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Zionsville, and Westfield.