How to Get Over a Breakup- 4

Don't Overwork Many good "advice givers" may tell you to just throw yourself into your career. But doing this can set you up to have bad habits that may be difficult to break when you start dating again. If you start overworking and abandoning your hobbies, your self-care, your spirituality, and your family/friends, then your life will become unbalanced. This isn't good for you now or when you start another relationship.

Actually right now is the best time to find balance and learn what that means for you when you don't have to think about someone you are in a relationship with. It's a good time to learn healthy boundaries for yourself.

Set aside time to grieve but don't overdo it

Grieving a loss is a normal and healthy process. It is important to acknowledge your loss, your feelings around the loss, and to even talk about it with someone you trust. However, sometimes after a breakup people have a hard time letting go and it consumes them.

Everyone grieves differently so it's hard to set a "time" of when you should be done. If you find yourself being consumed with regret, guilt, and sadness months after the relationship, you might need to start trying to work through it.

A good way to do this is to set aside 20-30 minutes a day for your grieving. Use that time to talk, write, or do something therapeutic to acknowledge and express your feelings. Set a timer if you need to so you don't get lost in the time. After the time is up, do something you enjoy afterwards. Plan it so you know you will go directly to the activity.

This will allow your mind the ability to work through it but not get stuck in it. Eventually you will see your need for the time to decrease and eventually you won't need it.

If this doesn't happen, you may want to seek professional help to assist you. Joleen will talk more about that tomorrow.

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Source: How to get over a break up by Nathan Feiles

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