Getting Past Terminal Uniqueness

Benefiting from shared similarities: Recognize that while people are all different, we also share a lot in common, as well.  Similarities are what bring people together.  They allow people to connect and benefit from each others experience.  When we find similarities in another person's experience, we are allowing their experience to help teach us lessons that we don't necessarily need to experience ourselves, to learn from them.  When you look for similarities, you are reconizing that if a path didn't work for another person in a similar position, it probably won't work for you either.  When we look for similarities, we are not saying that we have to give up our individuality, but rather accepting that humans are closely connected.

Terminal Uniqueness in addiction recovery:

When people are trying to work through addictions issues, terminal uniqueness is dangerous.  It can be used as an excuse to ignore a lot of really good advice and then lead to relapse.  When going to 12 step meetings or therapy, recognize your pitfalls... including if you see yourself as "terminally unique".  Other people have a lot to teach us, and it's important to learn from those who have already been down this path before.  It is because people in recovery share so many similarities that makes the recovery process so powerful and effective for those who embrace it.  Groups like AA advise people to listen to similarities and not the differences, which is a good way to combat terminal uniqueness.

Taken from :, John Lee "AA and Terminal Uniqueness- Are You As Unique As You Think You Are?