Lessons from Kids Movies- How To Tame Your Dragon

How To Tame Your Dragon The main lesson from How To Tame Your Dragon is Be true to yourself! 

The main character, Hiccup, is a Viking who is supposed to learn how to fight dragons to protect the village. When he gets his first chance to do this, however, he ends up saving the dragon, Toothless, instead.  Hiccup says he isn't like the rest of the Vikings. He has the courage to stand up for himself and what he believes in!

Another important lesson is that what we think is going on, doesn't necessarily mean thats that's what  is happening! The dragons are hunted in the village because they keep attacking the villagers. We find out that the reason they attack the village is because they are taking food back for the big dragon that is bullying them. If they don't comply, the bully dragon will eat them! They aren't doing it because they are mean-- they are doing it out of fear. This teaches us that when we see someone 's behavior that seems unfavorable, often times, there is pain underneath what they are doing-- even if it's not okay!

What lessons have you learned from a children's movie?

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