Favorite Holiday Traditions- Joleen

Christmas was a very important holiday for my family as it relates to tradition.  There are so many traditions we established, it's difficult to pick just one.  One thing I have realized as an adult is how very important traditions are in a family system.  They provide us with comfort and security, normalcy, a sense of connection, and the opportunity to learn more about our family. Joleen's Holiday Tradition- The Ornaments

Each Christmas as a child, my family made an event out of pulling out the old Christmas ornaments and placing them on the tree.  Many of the beautiful and intricate ornaments were hand-made from my great grandmother and other family members on my Dad's side of the family.  Since she had passed away when we were babies, we didn't know her.  Each year we would get the ornaments out, we would hear different stories about the family members who made the ornaments.  Since my father has since passed, I realize how very important this tradition was in our family.  Not only to create the quality family time that children need and crave, but for us to learn about our ancestors through the gift of story.  He was the one who held the memories to pass along to my Mom, sister and I-- without those stories, we wouldn't have the memories to pass along to our own children someday.

As adults, we have created new traditions, along with keeping some of the old ones.  What traditions do you have in your family?