How Dysfunctional Families Affect Children 3

So far this week we have discussed the natural states of children.  We have discussed that a child naturally feels valuable and vulnerable.  Today we explore how the natural state of being imperfect can be used against a child in dysfunctional families.

Healthy parents expect our children to be imperfect.  We know our children will learn and grow and make mistakes along the way.  That is how children learn!  Children whose imperfections create chaos in dysfunctional families can push boundaries or rebel in dangerous ways.  S/he may push so hard to seem invulnerable.  But when children make bad choices, rebel, or push back in dysfunctional families, it can really cause trouble for the family.  These children have been shown that the adults cannot handle the child's imperfections.

These types of children can grow up to have difficulty owning and expressing their imperfections. This person may look like someone who cannot take responsibility or admit culpability in situations. Adults like this can live in their own reality where in their world, they are perfect, and what ever faults exist are due to someone else.

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Guest Post by Alexa Griffith, LMHC, LCAC, NCC, RPT