Grief & Loss Part 3

Once again, when someone gets out of the Denial Stage, anger and bargaining can take place, sometimes at the same time, or inter-changeably. Yesterday we discussed Anger, let's now address Bargaining.


Bargaining may sound similar to: "I promise I'll change if you stay. Can't we still be friends? I promise I'll do better next time." In this stage you're holding onto the hope that you can bargain against the inevitable. Generally, it's drastic changes that are promised in hopes to secure something that is at stake of being taken away. But, rarely do these bargaining promises ever provide a workable or reasonable solution.

We may bargain with a loved one, with God, or with the person who is taking something away. We may begin bargaining with God to allow us more time with a terminal diagnosis or bargaining with a significant other to stay in the relationship promising you'll change bad habits.

This stage of the grief process feels very powerless. The key is to focus on things we can actually change or are within our control. Sometimes this may be very little, but focusing on what we can control can be more empowering than focusing what we cannot.

Thank you for reading today and please come back for the last 2 stages!

Guest post written by Alexa Griffith