Tips to Make Sex More Fulfilling- Natalie

Wow- are we having fun around here this week with our topic and your comments! Glad you all are enjoying it and getting some ideas! Here are a few more: Talk about sex more Because sex can be such a hush hush topic among all of us, it tends to be hush hush in a relationship after time goes by as well. It is healthy to actually talk about sex with your partner. It will keep the lines of communication open regarding sex and it might peak more interest between partners who otherwise may not be. As Alexa mentioned, talk about what you like and don't like. Your partner is probably wondering anyway, so it will take some pressure off of them.

Remember, it's okay to have a sense of humor, too. It doesn't have to be some long, drawn out, draining conversation. Keep it light and conversational (like you are going out for coffee to discuss something light).

Touch Each Other Like You Are Attracted To Them Let's face it, with mortgages to pay, jobs to go to, and kids at our feet, it's easy to give a tiny peck on the cheek, if that at all, as a farewell to our partner in the morning. It's easy to get in the rut with this. Start trying something new- actually look into your partners eyes before kissing them. Not a long, lingering gaze! Just a look and then kiss them. You will connect with them for a second before planting your farewell kiss to them. This would be an example of a way to touch them or show them you are attracted to them.

Touch them as they walk by- a simple touch on the back or even a wink at them- will let them know you still think they are "the bomb" and are attracted to them. This will carry over into the bedroom. Don't get stuck in a routine there. Be sure and touch your spouse like you mean it- not like it's another thing to check off your list before bedtime!

Get Creative With the Invitation Let your partner know in different ways that you are ready to play! Get creative with it. Ladies, sit on his lap. Men, "invite" her to the bedroom (or kitchen or minivan lol). Try not to use the same ole, "You wanna fool around?" time after time.

We understand that we can't all be sex gods and goddess's all the time. It's not about that. It's about switching it up a bit and not allowing yourselves to always be in the same rut. Change things up to keep it more fulfilling.

We wish you luck with this! Tomorrow Joleen will share some more tips- just in time for the weekend! Have a wonderful week!

Written by Natalie Chandler

Natalie Chandler, MA, LMHC is a therapist at Imagine Hope Counseling Group. Natalie enjoys doing marriage counseling, individual counseling, and couples counseling.  We also specialize in family counseling, child, and adolescent counseling. Imagine Hope serves the Indianapolis area including the surrounding areas of Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, and Zionsville