Characteristics of A Healthy Father - Teacher/Model

Characteristic #2: A Healthy Father Is A Teacher & Role Model

A healthy father knows he's always being watched by his children. Therefore, he chooses his words carefully, chooses how he reacts to situations, and tries to make as many moments as he can "teaching moments".

A healthy father has patience when teaching his children things...whether it's how to ride a bike, helping with homework, or doing a project together. A healthy father understands that his children don't know how to do some things, and it's his job to show them the correct way. And, if a father doesn't know how to do it either, that father will learn the skill/get more information, in order to teach his child.

It's not just about teaching how to do tasks either. A healthy father understands it's about modeling healthy relationships and teaching his children how to love & respect others. Again, children are always watching. A healthy father understands he must model a loving, gentle, caring and respectful relationship with his children's mother. He understands if he doesn't respect her, that his children won't respect her either. He understands he must model good character in the community& neighborhood respecting others, again knowing that if he doesn't respect others, they won't respect him as well.

A healthy father knows he's human and understands he'll make mistakes. He'll model how to ask for forgiveness when he hurts those around him, and he'll model giving forgiveness to others when they hurt him.

He understands he cannot only say "Respect others" or "Go apologize". He knows he must model and teach his children how to do this in leading by example.

A great movie that demonstrates the character of a father (and husband) is the movie Courageous. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I encourage you to watch it. Have a wonderful Father's Day, thank you for reading!

Written by: Tamara Portee MA, LMHC, LCAC

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