Let's Talk About Love- Storge

“Love isn't a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now.” - Fred Rogers

This week, we are talking about different kinds of love.  Yesterday, Tamara described Eros, or passionate love.  Today we will cover storge (pronounced store- guh) types of love, or love that occurs naturally in a family.  Storge doesn't expect too much, is unconditional, often overlooks the other's faults and frequently forgives. Storge is the love where we can be comfortable and secure just being in the presence of one another.

In most human conditions, the first love is the love a child has for their parent.  This is the "I love you this much!" love.  The "I love you to the moon and back love".  This is the love we fight with our siblings for! It’s an overwhelming connection that changes so much throughout a child's life. Two year olds love their mothers, and 18 year olds love their mothers, but in very different ways!  Naturally!  This love is the basis for which we judge other types of love that occurs in our lives.

Storge also covers sibling love.  I happen to be in the middle of my siblings, so I have love for an older brother and two younger sisters.  This love is also fierce, if not always displayed.  Sibling relationships change so dynamically from aggravation, to rivalry, to camaraderie ultimately to friendship when the age difference no longer matters.  This is the longest lasting love of your life. These guys have seen it all and love you warts and all.

Most recognizable is the love of a parent to their child.  We as parents protect what is procreated.  It is an instinct, or God given blessing that occurs for the continuance of the species.  This love is powerful, sacrificial, affectionate and unrelenting.  This love will put you in harm’s way to protect your child.  This love also changes much over the life of the parental role.  Even though we love our children as they grow we create or allow distance for healthy development.  We fiercely love and protect our children only to have to learn to let go when they leave the nest.

Storge love, although dynamic, fluid and changing, has always been and will always be there.  We do not know where it came from, but I know it from the perspective of a child, a sister, a cousin, a niece, a granddaughter, aunt, and especially as a mother.    Yesterday we showed our love to our Eros lovers.  Today, why not show some love in a storge way?  Please come back tomorrow to read continued descriptions of love.  As always thanks for reading.

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