Goal Setting - Question 2

This week we are helping you look at setting goals and making them successful for you this year.  Year after year Americans set goals to make changes, only to end up giving up and facing failure.  Many times the problem is simply that the person set the wrong goals!  To ensure success for reaching your goals, you have to be strategic in defining your goals.  To help you define what goals you want to set,  Tamara began with asking “ What Hurts or Feels Bad?” If you made that list, you are ready for the next step. Question 2- What Are You Hungry For?

Look back over the 8 categories of goals that Teri mentioned on Monday:

1. Material Goals

2. Family and Friends Goals

3. Educational/ Intellectual/ Professional Goals

4. Health Goals

5. Leisure Goals

6. Spiritual Goals

7. Creative Goals

8. Emotional/ Psychological Growth

What is it that you really long for?  What would improve your life, make you feel like a more fulfilled person?  Make a list of the things you really want for yourself.  Is it more time for your hobby?  Is it to feel fit?  Is it to join that bible study you have been thinking about so you can extend your relationship with God?  Would feeling closer and more connected to your spouse be a goal for you?

These are your goals, not your boss’s goals, not your spouse’s or children’s goals.  Make sure, as you make your goals, you address your own hunger, your own desires.

Be sure to check back all week and next week as we help you set your goals for the new year!  Tomorrow Natalie will ask Question 3.

*Adapted from Self-Esteem by Matthew McKay & Patrick Fanning

Written by Alexa Griffith, LMHC, LCAC, NCC, RPT