3 tips to make your communication better

As Natalie discussed in her earlier blog about "3 Common Mistakes Couples Make", communication is one of the most prevalent issues we see in relationship and marriage counseling.  There are many ways that you can work on improving your communication, in order to strengthen your relationship.  Here are three tips in the many things we teach people in relationship and marriage counseling:

  • Make sure you approach your partner in a non-threatening, non-accusatory manner.  This creates a safe environment to share on an intimate level.
  • Use "I Statements" that communicate your feelings, instead of starting off your "complaint" in a way that tells the other person what they are doing wrong.  More than likely, if you are talking about what the other person is doing or not doing, they will shut down and won't hear anything you are saying.
  • State briefly what you are needing from the other person, using one to two sentences at the most.  Typically, when a person goes on and on with a list of many different things, it can be confusing and overwhelming for the person receiving the message.

Good communication is the foundation for having better relationships.  It's important to be aware of your communication style and any improvements you might need to make in how you communicate with others. Check back with Imagine Hope's blog in the near future for additional communication and relationship based tips!