Fall Book Recommendation by Tammy McCord

Fall is definitely upon us! The leaves are turning and the weather is chilly. Now is a great time to cozy up to a fire, grab a cup of hot cider/tea/coffee/hot chocolate, wrap up in a blanket and lose yourself in a great book. We have a few recommendations for you this week to get you started on your way!

Walking Prey by Holly Austin Smith

One of my passions, aside from being a therapist, is fighting human trafficking. I’ve dedicated this year to getting a professional studies certificate in anti-human trafficking and this book was one I recently had to read for a class.

Walking Prey is one of the best books written which explains what human trafficking in America looks like, has Ms. Smith’s story woven throughout, and most importantly details the root causes of human trafficking.

Walking Prey beautifully showcases how children experiencing or exposed to: poverty, childhood abuse/neglect, pornography, mental illness, parental substance abuse, missing or absent parents, LGBTQ youth or foster care youth are at a higher vulnerability of being trafficked than other children.

Human trafficking in America is not always a kidnapping event. Traffickers find the children who have generally gone through the above situations and prey on their desire to be special, loved, feel safe or have a sense of family. Once they get a vulnerable child to trust them, they use that trust against them.

Walking Prey strategically demonstrates the process of grooming, what each of us can do to help in this fight, and how to best help survivors. Human trafficking is not an easy topic to read about, but Holly Austin Smith does a great job educating the reader throughout her book.

If this type of book isn’t for you, check back in for more recommendations throughout the week!

Written by: Tamara McCord MA, LMHC, LCAC

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