Extroverts Part 3

We are discussing extroverts this week, trying to better understand this personality type and how they interact with the world.  Extroverts are well know for their social personalities, and the energy they get from being around people.  But how do extroverts think and process their thoughts of the outside world?

To begin with, extraverted thinkers tend to be very logical, objective and fair.  They have a very "fact based style" of thinking and reasoning.  They are not emotional in their decision making, but are very objective and rational when making decisions.  Because of this style of thinking, they can often be judged as being unfriendly, unapproachable, or cold.  

Another trait of extroverted thinkers is that they tend to be very organized. They process their thoughts by focusing on facts of the external, "real world." versus the emotional inner world of an introvert.  They are motivated and goal driven in order to reach these objectives.

Finally, extroverts set aside their emotions when processing their thoughts.  They base their thinking on facts and logic, rather than emotions and values.  They do not react to their emotions, but rather acknowledge them, then set them aside to focus on the facts.  

I hope that this has been educational as you learn more about extroverts and how they process their thoughts.  For more on our previous blog on Introverts, read here. Thanks for reading!

Guest post written by Emily Freeze, MPH, MA, LMFT is a marriage and family therapist at New Beginnings Family Counseling.