Understanding Asperger's Syndrome-Part 5

This week, Imagine Hope is discussing the different aspects of Asperger's Syndrome.  Today, we conclude with the final aspect of struggles that individuals with Asperger's might show.

Emotional Demands

Difficulty in understanding emotional cues and difficulty in understanding emotions, in general, is one of the hallmarks of Asperger's Syndrome.  

People with Asperger's usually have trouble in reading social or emotional cues, which often makes it appear that they are unfeeling or uncaring-- which couldn't be further from the truth.  For example, and individual with Asperger's might laugh when another person is hurt or crying.  Again, it's not that this person doesn't care-- It's just that the Asperger's individual doesn't understand what the other person might be feeling, or they might feel overwhelmed with the emotions they might be experiencing themselves.

Asperger's individuals often have trouble showing the more vulnerable feelings of love and affection, even though it's not because they aren't feeling them or experiencing them.  Often times, they need to work harder to assess what their partner is feeling.  It makes it difficult for them to show empathy.

It's also difficult for an individual with Asperger's to process their own reactions to emotion, which includes their reaction to (and understanding of) other's emotion's.  Again, this isn't because the person with Asperger's doesn't care-- it's just that their way of processing emotion is different than the typical individual.

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