Is Your Life Balanced? Environment and Recreation

One of the best ways to combat depression and anxiety is to live a balanced life.  It is one of the ultimate ways to practice self care. Life can be a roller coaster, which makes it hard to find balance! As new situations arise in life, we constantly have to re-adjust. So this week we are going to cover 8 key areas of life that need balancing. One homework assignment we often give clients is to label each of the 8 areas we will discuss in 2 pie graphs each with 8 pieces of pie. In the first graph we have you write a number 1-10 (with 10 being the highest) of how important each area is to you. Give each slice a number and fit it accordingly.

Do the same for the 2nd pie chart, but this time write your current level of involvement or how much you actively participate in it 1-10. For example in the 1st graph your fun and recreation slice might be a 7 because it is important to you, but in the 2nd chart you only actively participate at the level of a 2. This would give you a good idea of areas that are out of balance.

Physical Environment

This is where you spend your time. Home? Work? Is it cluttered? Peaceful? To help make your physical environment balanced make sure it is personalized and calming. Having too much clutter and chaos around will have an impact on your mood and mindset. Remember it doesn't take too much time or money to make an area nice, you just have to commit yourself to making it part of your day to clean things up and get rid of things you don't need. Also remember it doesn't have to be perfect. Just a little change can go a long way to making it feel more balanced!

Fun and Recreation

This is a must for good mental and physical health! Try not to get lost in all you "have" to do that you forget to laugh and have fun. This doesn't always mean taking a vacation, but it could be simple. A walk in the park, driving with your windows down, a hobby, or even a night out with friends can help you feel more balanced. Life is too short to not have fun living it!

We encourage you to do the pie graph exercise as you read this week. Check in tomorrow as Tamara covers Spirituality and Romance!

Written by Teri Claassen MSW, LCSW

Teri Claassen MSW, LCSW is a licensed therapist at Imagine Hope Counseling Group. Teri enjoys doing marriage counseling, individual counseling, couples and relationship counseling. Teri also does family counseling, child counseling, and adolescent counseling.  Imagine Hope serves the Indianapolis area, including the surrounding areas of Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Zionsville, and Westfield.