Communication Tips for Parents Part 1

Sometimes it is hard to know how to communicate with your child. This week Imagine Hope wants to offer you ways to help connect with your child when talking to them. Imagine Hope is active in the Indianapolis area in providing guidance for parents who need help on the journey of parenting. Enjoy the tips!

  • Maintain good eye contact. It shows you aren’t distracted.
  • Ask them about their day and share about yours. They might open up more if you are open too.
  • Listen to the little stuff. It will make them more likely to come to you about the big stuff.
  • Make an effort to spend time talking daily. Turn off the TV. Take advantage of riding in the car to talk.
  • Ask them their opinion about things. You might learn something about them.
  • Make their vote count sometimes. It makes them feel heard.
  • Praise them for the good things they do. You should praise more than you criticize.

Stay tuned for Tammy's tips tomorrow!

Written by Teri Claassen, MSW, LCSW

Teri Claassen MSW, LCSW is a licensed therapist at Imagine Hope Counseling Group. Teri enjoys doing marriage counseling, individual counseling, couples and relationship counseling. Teri also does family counseling, child counseling, and adolescent counseling.  Imagine Hope serves the Indianapolis area, including the surrounding areas of Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Zionsville, and Westfield.