5 Love Languages

Teri and Tamara have described the first three love languages: Acts of Service, Affirmations, and Giving Gifts. Today I want to talk about Physical Touch. Love Language #4: Physical Touch

Many people get this one confused with sex. Yes, sexual intimacy is one way to speak to your partners love language if it is physical touch, however, it also includes holding hands, hugs, kisses, scratching their back....anything that you are doing to touch them. Touching them in the way they like to to be touched says, "I love you".  It is important, as with the other love languages, to understand how your partner feels loved by this language. Do they enjoy hugs and kisses or do they like when you flirt with them by playing footsie under the table?

It is very important if your partner's love language is touch to remember when they are going thru a crisis or a rough day, they may not need or want you to "fix" their problems. They may simply need a hug to know they are there.

Tomorrow Joleen will be discussing our final love language: Quality Time.

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