Our Thanksgiving Memories- Tammy

Tammy's Memory Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday & always held at my parent's house. I love the gathering of my family, the smells of the food and fun games we play once the tables are cleared. I do have two memories that immediately stuck out when we decided to do this blog. Both include flying animals, and I'm not talking about the turkey!

When I was around 10 years old I remember on the very day of Thanksgiving some baby Turtledoves hatching in a nest in our front window awnings. I was so amazed at this new birth and showed everyone as they came to our house for dinner that day. I somehow felt they were a gift to us that day and that they were "mine" to take care of and watch over. I can remember walking out on our front porch several times to check on them and make sure they were doing alright.

This next memory isn't so warm and fuzzy. It happened just a couple of years ago as I was helping my mom with last minute cleaning before setting out dishes. As I looked up at the ceiling of my mother's kitchen, I saw something small, black, and strange affixed to the ceiling. "Mom, what is THAT?!"  We quickly came to the conclusion that it was a bat. Yes, you heard me. A cave dwelling, shouldn't-ever-be-in-your-house bat! After appropriately freaking out, we called a man who traps "exotic" animals and releases them back into the "wild". (Thankfully, we celebrate Thanksgiving on Fridays at my mom's, so we were able to get a hold of this man!). Come to find out the bat likely came in through the chimney a few days prior.

Who knows what this Thanksgiving will bring? Perhaps a flying squirrel? I'll keep you posted. Thanks for reading. Have a blessed Holiday!

Written by: Tamara Portee MA, LMHC, LCAC

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