It's really about Relationships.

My 95 year-old Grandfather passed away this past week. He lived a very healthy life but developed dementia the last couple of years. Eventually, he contracted a really bad infection that he suffered with for almost 3 weeks until it took his life.  The last couple of weeks my Mother and her sisters tried to make him comfortable, watching a strong man deteriorate.  He rarely opened his eyes and couldn't communicate verbally. The night before he passed away he opened his eyes and my Mom could tell he wanted something.

Can you see the rainbow?

A few years ago, my husband was driving with my son, who at the time was 3 years-old. My husband saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky. He showed my son but he couldn't see it. See, my son was too young to understand what a rainbow was. He kept asking him, "Where is it, Daddy? I can't see it!" He wanted to see it so bad but he couldn't, because he didn't know what he was looking for. You sometimes have to really focus in the sky and know what you are looking for to see a rainbow.

Seize the day!

The other day I had a major moment- one of those "oh my, where is time going" moments. I was playing with my boys at the park, feeling really tired and a bit over-heated. My 15 month-old wanted to climb up on the equipment that I wasn't sure about. As I helped him, I suddenly flashed back to when my now almost 5 year-old was making the same attempts. 

What's the common denominator?

Usually when I drive, I am in a hurry. But a couple of years ago I read a book about patience (The Power of Patience- a GREAT book by the way!) and I started driving a little differently. I try to take my time along with taking some deep breaths. But the other day I was so frustrated! I was in a hurry and I noticed EVERYONE was driving slow! What was going on? What was wrong with everyone else??

I love my iPhone

I have had a Blackberry for 6 years- I LOVED it! During my workweek I was lost without it. I was like my own little secretary that did everything perfectly, exactly the way I wanted "her" to!! My husband, however, LOVES and I really mean LOVES his iphone. He is on his 3rd one! I couldn't get it- what is the big deal? He finally convinced me I needed to have one of his that he no longer needed. 

The best is yet to come.

Ok- so I got a lot from this wedding last week!! I have another blog about it- The priest asked us to hold hands with the person we were next to if we were in a relationship with them.  He said, "Now I ask you are your best years behind your or in front of you?" What a great question.  From where I sit, in my profession, I so often hear about the best years of a couples marriage being when they first met.