You really don't know what you have until it is gone.

Those of you that live in Indianapolis know that last week a major part of our interstate system on I465 was closed due to a tanker blowing up. Amazingly no one was killed and we are so grateful for that. For me, I was amazed what that little tiny area of the interstate meant to me once it was gone! I use that literally everyday either for work, activities at church, and my son's school. Like everyone else, I had to find alternate ways to get home and hopefully find one no one else was thinking as well (yeah, right!).

I got to thinking on Friday about how important that small part of the road is for me. How much time, energy, and thought it saves me everyday. I never even thought of that road before. I got to thinking about how we take so much for granted in our lives. We often don't know how much something means to us until it's gone.

I talk to countless individuals who are grieving relationships that if they just would have listened, just would have made the changes, just would have went to relationship or marriage counseling, just would have......... It's endless. Most of the time, when something is gone, it's gone. People live their lives with major regrets once people are gone.

Fortunately, there are many things in our lives that we do get a second chance on. Like 465! I'm so glad it's open again! I think every time I drive along that part of the interstate I will say a prayer of gratitude that it is running. Imagine how we would feel if we did that in our everyday lives for all the people we love dearly. We would feel grateful rather than hateful and perhaps more appreciative day in and day out of the presence they give us everyday. So think of who you are grateful for, what your life would be like without them, and tell them today! Say a prayer of gratitude for them daily and appreciate everyday. You really don't know what you have until it's gone.