Twitter's Anonymous??

So we started Tweeting last week and we all love it! It is so fun being connected to people all over the world that you would never know without Twitter. We have even met some people in our own backyard.

But I have to say, it can be addictive! I have found myself looking forward to having "twitter time" in the evenings. I have even told myself if I get my work done quickly I can have a few minutes to tweet. This would motivate me to work harder and faster! I did quickly realize what was going on and actually started having my husband cut me off after a certain amount of minutes pass. So I have stopped myself from needing TA (Twitter Anonymous!)

However, I have already "unfollowed" some people who clearly need inpatient treatment! Seriously, 25 tweets in 1 hour qualifies you for a 30 day Intensive Outpatient Program! I just can't follow someone who has that much to say. Hmmm.. I might be onto something here. We could do Twitter Group therapy, Freudian Twitter Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Twitter Therapy, Couples therapy specifically designed for those with a twitter addict! Any other ideas??