The best is yet to come.

Ok- so I got a lot from this wedding last week!! I have another blog about it- The priest asked us to hold hands with the person we were next to if we were in a relationship with them.  He said, "Now I ask you are your best years behind your or in front of you?" What a great question.  From where I sit, in my profession, I so often hear about the best years of a couples marriage being when they first met. They are usually trying to get back to that.  Why not create a new vision, a new way to look forward in your relationship?? I often ask client's in marriage counseling what their relationship vision is- so they both can envision what they want in the years to come.  Then we know where to go and what to strive for.  Those beginning years are great but the best really is yet to come! I hope the best is yet to come for you!