Seize the day!

The other day I had a major moment- one of those "oh my, where is time going" moments. I was playing with my boys at the park, feeling really tired and a bit over-heated. My 15 month-old wanted to climb up on the equipment that I wasn't sure about. As I helped him, I suddenly flashed back to when my now almost 5 year-old was making the same attempts. I asked myself where is time going? It seemed only yesterday he was needing my help on the same equipment. As I thought that, I looked up as he was going down the tall "fireman pole". Wow! It's just too fast.

We can't stop it. We are out of control. We can't make it stand still even for a second. So all we can do is make the best of every moment. I realized in that moment, no matter how tired I was or how hot I was, I needed to hold even this simple moment in the park in my hand and make the most of it. Soon enough they will be too old to want to go to the park with me.  Seize every moment- today!