Save the environment!!

I attended a wedding on Saturday for someone who my husband works with.  I had to share part of the message that the Priest shared with us.  He talked to the congregation about the importance of the environment we provide for the new couple in order to foster growth in their marriage. Wow! I had never thought about that. We are responsible to help provide good environments for our friends and family's relationships to grow! What a responsibility. And do we do all we can to foster that? It is easy to make judgements, choose sides, and gossip amongst friends. But we should be doing all we can to lift each other up and nurture their relationships. That really spoke to me.

Additionally, he talked about the importance of focusing on our partner and their needs.  He talked about us living in  such a "me and I" society. The couple on Saturday were both focused on the other person and how much they loved them and wanted to make them happy. But as time grows we start getting in our selfish nature and think of what <em>I </em>want and what works and feels good for <em>me</em>.  How often do we think of how our actions will help or hinder our marriage environment? Or will this help our friends marriage environment? Help save the environments!!