Relax and let me drive!

One day this past winter I was taking my 4 year-old to preschool.  We both enjoy this time together, he mostly enjoys it because he can talk and get me all to himself with little to no distractions, except traffic.  Personally, I had been struggling with some things that were causing me a lot of anxiety and worry.I kept trying to control things and figure them out on my own, forgetting most of the time that God had my back.

This particular morning it was snowing out- a lot! As we crossed over the interstate I noticed the traffic was backed up and decided to take an alternate route.  My son started getting very upset! "Mommy- you are going the wrong way! We aren't going to get to school this way!"  I assured him that the interstate was too bad and we were going to take another route that would take a little longer, but get us there without sitting in traffic.  He was SO upset! He couldn't understand that we would still get there, just not the same way. I finally told him, "Buddy, you are just going to have to trust me. Just believe me that Mommy knows what is best right now and will get us there safely." He continued to express his anxiety and worry about not getting to see his "kids" today and they would all wonder where he was at! I finally said, " You be the kid and relax and let Mommy drive."  I thought to myself - if he only knew that it was going to be ok. If he could just sit back and relax and know it's all under control and I was taking care of everything. I immediately heard God say sweetly and calmly, "He's just like you. I have everything under control and am taking care of everything, but you worry. It's not the way you want it right now or are used to it but I have it all under control.  Let me drive!" I couldn't help but smile and say calmly, "ok- I get it!"  I felt such a peace that morning. I really felt myself let it go after that. Of course, I still had my times where I would try to pick it back up. But I would hear God say, "Let me drive!" 

We made it to preschool safely that day. My son got to see his kids and had nothing to worry about!