Perfect Moments

Perfect Moments... I love them. Those moments when time stands still for just a moment and something is etched into your memory.

I first became aware of Perfect Moments when I read "Chasing Daylight" by Gene O'Kelly. It is an AWESOME book that I highly recommend. I started noticing them more and realized I have them many times a day- if I just pay attention.

Yesterday I felt so busy, as I usually do on Mondays. I am at home with my boys but also preparing for my week of work ahead of me. My 5 year-old wanted me to play Indiana Jones with him with his Nerf guns. I almost said, "Let me get a few things done first". But instead I took a gun and began shooting! I am so glad I did. We had a perfect moment when I "shot" him with the rubber bullet and my 18 month-old about fell to the floor laughing. I just stopped and listened to his laughter for a second. It was so funny. Just pure, hearty laughter! I thought to myself- "Ah! A perfect moment".

That made me start to think about perfect moments. I realize I have them all day long. When I come home from work and both boys come running to me and scream at the top of their lungs, "Mommyyyyyy"!- that's a perfect moment. I have one when I check on my boys one last time before I go to bed and they are quietly, peacefully sleeping without a care in the world. I have one when I open my eyes for the first time in the morning and though I am tired and don't want to get up, I thank God for another day to be alive. Then  when I roll over in my bed in and kiss my husband's cheek and thank God for another day with him- that is a perfect moment.

Sometimes we can create them and sometimes they just happen. Do you live life aware enough to notice them? Do you let yourself get away from your schedule enough to create them? It makes life so much worth living. Seems to give more meaning and purpose to another hum-drum day. Have a Perfect Moment today!

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