I love my iPhone

I have had a Blackberry for 6 years- I LOVED it! During my workweek I was lost without it. I was like my own little secretary that did everything perfectly, exactly the way I wanted "her" to!! My husband, however, LOVES and I really mean LOVES his iphone. He is on his 3rd one! I couldn't get it- what is the big deal? He finally convinced me I needed to have one of his that he no longer needed. I was SO afraid of the change. Some of my clients are laughing right now remembering my first week trying to schedule our appointments! I have been using it for 6 weeks now AND I LOVE IT!! Now this isn't an iphone commercial- I am telling you this because I see now that I was afraid of the change. I was afraid I would be in the middle of an appointment or a phone conversation and not be able to do my job! I was afraid my "secretary" would not be loyal to me and do what I wanted when I wanted. But now, I feel so silly. "She" actually does what I tell her to and sometimes knows what I need before I know it!! (ok- now I am sounding like my husband with his iphone!)

The point is, we are all afraid of change- change in our schedules, change in our jobs, change in relationships. So we hold on to things because we would rather stick with what we know than something we don't know- even if it might be better. I see this time and time again in relationships- particularly when a couple comes in before they are married. They may realize they are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole but they don't want to change. They believe they can change that person. They don't realize what could be on the other side might actually be a good fit! So they hold on to what they know. I often see them a  couple years later with regrets.

I know personally that change is hard- not just with a silly phone- in real life. But I ask you- what are you holding on to because you don't want to experience change? What might be on the other side? Go for it!!  And check out the iphone!