Marriage Counseling

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Feeling hopeless in your marriage? Through our Marriage Counseling services, we work with couples from Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers and other surrounding suburbs who may be contemplating divorce, as well as couples that may just be struggling with adjustments such as:

  • Having a baby
  • Relocation
  • Blended Families
  • General Marriage Problems

Marital Problems - Disconnection

Our marriage counselors work with each couple in defining where their disconnection has taken place and what they can do in order to heal that disconnection. We also help in not only understanding the problem but learning to effectively communicate with each other in order to prevent further disconnection.


We help couples who are struggling with infidelity to work through the pain, understand what happened, and affair-proof their marriage so it doesn't happen again. An affair is a painful experience to go through. Our therapists have extensive training to help the couple move through the process and see hope for their future together.

Marital Issues - Role Definition

We help each person in the relationship define their role in the problem and inspire them to change the unhealthy patterns they have developed that have caused the marital issues.

Passion for Marriage Counseling

At Imagine Hope Counseling Group our passion is working with people and their relationships. We want to help them in their marriage, their families, with their friends and co-workers, and with themselves. We help you learn to have a good relationship with yourself so you are able to have a more healthy relationship with others.

Relationship Problems - It's about Relationships

Relationships go thru stages and are constantly changing. We help with those transitions and challenges. We strive to assist in keeping families and individuals from feeling disconnected. Come see how our relationship experts can help inspire hope for your life and relationships!