Family Counseling

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Today's Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers families deal with a variety of different issues. These issues disrupt the family system and threaten the cohesiveness of the family. Imagine Hope can help your family deal with the following issues:

Divorced/Divorcing Families:

Divorce is one of the most impacting things that can happen to a family. We are trained to help each individual in the family from the smallest child to the grieving parent deal with the divorce in the healthiest way possible. For example, children sometimes begin to act out, oftentimes in an aggressive manner when faced with divorce. We can teach them how to talk about their feelings rather than act out. The lines of communication are opened between the children and the parents, which creates a safe and healthy environment for the "new" family to adjust and grow.

Blended Families:

We help families that are coming together from pre-existing families learn to adjust and communicate. Many times the children and the parents feel they are bumping heads and not getting anywhere. It is usually from a lack of effective communication. We can teach each member to learn effective ways to communicate.

Grieving Families:

When a family member dies, the pain can often be overwhelming for the entire family. Along with the feelings that come with dealing with the loss of the person, everything in the family changes as well. It will definitely change the way the family functions. We can help each family member express and cope with their feelings surrounding the death as well as learn to adjust to the family without the deceased family member.

Other challenges:

Other challenges we work with are teenage adjustment issues, birth of a baby, alcoholism, drug addictions, miscommunication, and many more.