1. You wish to be left alone by your spouse.
  2. You keep secrets from your spouse (hide money, purchases, withhold information or lies of omission, etc . . . ).
  3. You find yourself doing things to avoid coming home.
  4. When you are at home, you stay in a different room from your spouse for the evening.
  5. Either of you is having an affair (sexual or emotional).
  6. You don’t like going to couples functions b/c it means you have to pretend to be happy.
  7. You find yourselves arguing over the smallest details.
  8. You don’t see yourself in the marriage in the future.
  9. You have the same fights over and over.
  10. You never have any disagreements or conflict with your spouse (not because the relationship is healthy, but because both of you are avoiding conflict and not being truthful about how you think and feel). \
  11. You feel constant tension in the relationship and it doesn’t seem to get any resolution.
  12. You find yourself not sharing things about your life with your spouse that you normally would share.
  13. You find yourself “venting” to your friends and family about your spouse.
  14. You don’t talk to your spouse about the things you “vent” to your family and friends.
  15. You sleep in separate rooms.