10 Barriers to Communication in marriages and relationships

  1. Mind reading.
  2. Making assumptions of what your partner is thinking.
  3. Not listening and thinking about what you’re going to say instead. Bring up old issues as weapons.
  4. Interrupting
  5. Black and white thinking:Thinking about things in extremes and not being willing to see the gray.
  6. Thinking everything must be resolved and you can’t agree to disagree
  7. Feeling you always have to be right and prove your point
  8. Avoiding conflict: Conflict actually brings you closer and builds safety in a relationship when done in a healthy manner.
  9. Leaving abruptly either physically or emotionally. This creates trust issues with your partner and keeps the relationship from feeling safe. It’s ok to leave when things get heated, as long as you promise to your partner that once you calm down you agree to return to the conversation and try to work it out.
  10. Sandbagging: piling on one complaint after another causing your partner to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Try to stick to one issue at a time.
  11. Do you and your partner continually fight and feel you get nowhere? Do you find yourselves bumping into the barriers listed above? Call our relationship experts and we will help you find healthy ways to solve your problems. We specialize in marriage counseling and provide successful services to the Indianapolis area including Carmel, Fishers, and Noblesville. Call us at 317-569-0046 or fill out a comment card. A therapist will respond within the business day.