Negative Thinking Patterns Part 3

Are you identifying any distortions in your thinking this week? Here are a few more: 9. Emotional Reasoning: This is believing what you feel must be true. If you feel stupid, you believe you are stupid. If you feel guilty, you must have done something wrong. You also believe that what others feel about you is true. So if you grew up with a parent who said you are worthless, you believe you are worthless.

10. Fallacy of change: This is believing you can change other people if you just try hard enough. This can include demanding or withholding affection or love to get someone to change. This is dangerous because you cannot change anyone but yourself and people usually end up feeling manipulated.

11. Global Labeling: This is when you label something because there may be one grain of truth to it. Someone who cuts in front of you in line must be a complete jerk. Someone doesn't make a donation to your son's boy scout troop so they are a miser with their money. It is placing a global judgement on something or someone because of one instance.

Any of these sound familiar? Tomorrow Joleen will share 4 more negative thinking patterns.

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