Signs of Adult ADD/ADHD -5

Today, we will finish up this week's blog topic:  Signs of adult ADD/ADHD. Impulsivity

Impulsivity in adult ADD/ADHD looks like the following:

  • Difficulty in thinking about the consequences before making a decision or having a reaction, or reacting without thinking first.  This could look like jumping into a situation that is risky, with disregard for the consequences, such as impulsive decisions around business or money.  Often times, this kind of behavior causes conflict in marriage, as the other spouse tries to be the buffer and provide logic or reason with the ADD spouse.
  • Frequently interrupting others or blurting out comments before thinking.  Sometimes, it means talking over others, which also causes conflict in relationships, as one person often feels unheard or unimportant.
  • Rushing through tasks without taking the time to read the directions and ensure that the task is completed properly.
  • Addictive tendencies.
  • Impulsivity with sitting still during important functions or meetings, which comes across as socially inappropriate or rude to others.
  • Overall poor self-control.

If you recognize any of the above symptoms, along with other symptoms from this week's blog topic, we encourage you to find a professional counselor that can help you navigate the world of adult ADD/ADHD symptoms.  There are many options for treatment to help, including medication, therapy, behavior modification and marriage counseling to help your spouse understand and help set limits with the behaviors that impact your marriage and family.


Scattered, by Dr. Gabor Mate

Driven to Distraction by Edward Hallowell

You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy? by Kate Kelly