I believe within each of us lies an inner strength. Sometimes because of childhood events, current life situations or self-doubt, we lose sight that this inner strength exists within us. I believe each person can learn to re-discover their inner abilities and talents with the help of God, family and friends. This strength is what helps us face any battles that come our way, whether it be at the workplace, school, or in personal relationships. Counseling can be a safe place to start this process and get some extra support and guidance.
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I believe that through working in counseling, an individual is making an investment that lasts an entire lifetime. So often, we go through life feeling unhappy about certain things, but have no idea how to change them because they have become so much a part of who we are. I am committed to assisting individuals in developing greater understanding, insight, and awareness of their personal issues, and helping them develop the tools and skills that are necessary to make healthy and empowering changes. I believe that through counseling, individuals can see a positive impact on all aspects of their lives and relationships.
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Life is difficult and it is a journey full of experiences to learn from. Everyone struggles at different parts of the journey. We are not here to “fix” everyone but to help them learn how to manage their life and relationships in a more positive, effective way. So much of that lies in understanding yourself and what makes you do what you do. Once you identify those challenges, it is easier to make changes. Counseling is a place to be able to be yourself and look at parts of you that are difficult to face with someone who is non-judgmental and objective. Although it can be painful, in the end it will make your journey well worthwhile. Read Natalie's Profile



I believe that many people reach a point in their lives where they feel challenged by life. This could be triggered by the loss of a job, a struggling marriage, family issues, or a personal battle. At times like this, often the last thing we want to do is talk to someone about our discouragement. However, this is the most important thing we can do for ourselves, our families, and our livelihood. I believe it is important to meet people where they are at, emotionally and mentally. It is imperative to evaluate how you got to this point, and where you want to go from here. That is what I am here for. It is important for me to understand the goals you have for your life, and to give you a neutral support system to help you attain them. Counseling is a place for you to better yourself and to better your life. Read Christy's Profile



When an individual reaches out for help, I believe they have already taken the first step toward recovery. As you begin your journey towards healing I recognize the great courage it takes to come to therapy. It is my primary goal to create a safe, trusting, and collaborative relationship with my clients. I believe that although life’s challenges are difficult, they can teach us important lessons about ourselves that we would not have learned otherwise. Our past experiences do not have to define us, nor do they need to define our future. I strongly believe that each of us have the power to change and create the life that we want. The answers to your problems are already within you, you just need to know how to access them. As your therapist, my desire is to guide you on your journey of self-discovery, work with you to establish goals for change, teach you skills and coping strategies, help you form loving and healthy relationships, and help you create a life of meaning and purpose. Read Emily's Profile



I believe that in order to be happy and healthy, we must nourish the whole person. My goal is to help you discover your true potential and help you form healthy relationships. I strongly believe that each of us holds the power to change and create the life that we desire. Together we can work to identify problem areas, work towards an understanding of your current motivations and behaviors, and define your values. It is my primary goal to create a safe, trusting, and collaborative relationship with my clients where you can flourish.  Read Ashley's Profile